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  • 1YTD: 232 Placements have been made
  • 2YTD we have provided 288 open positions to our candidate clients that match 95% or better
  • 3YTD we have set up 527 phone and face to face interviews that resulted in 196 job offers




Everything we do is confidential not only for the businesses we have relationships with (most of which we have in place NDA’s) but equally if not more for the executives that want to a shot at a high end job or are interested in changing from one job to another.
Whether it’s related to your own career or someone you know, I’m sure you’re encountering discrimination challenges in 2014. In fact, forty-two percent of the executives surveyed believed their age would negatively affect their ability to land their next position, and they were, on average, 51 years old.
There is a better way!
The most successful proactive executive placement platform to date!


  • Phil D.

    I am working for XXXX portfolio company owned by the Caryle Group. Direct report to XXX X xxx, he a managing director, but will serve as the board member for them here.
  • S. Toby EVP

    TOOK the Rolls Royce offer today.
  • Bobby M. VP construction

    I took a chance when I had so much doubt and way too much negative pressure but I will give credit when it is deserved and you can use this because of your performance. Big job and big money.
  • Sammie L. VP Operations, Medical device

    Yes Sir. Interviewed in 15/10/14, 2 weeks later accepted the offer.
  • David C. EVP (supply chain)

    You got me working in private equity. I really did not expect this to happen!
  • Terry E. CIO Ohio

    Big time appreciation for introducing me to the real high end job market.
  • Franklin

    Franklin, Thank you too; appreciate you staying in touch. Have gotten contact from about 5 recruiters but nobody has the consistency, process, and numbers you do, let alone do as much of the work based on a specific desire. You can quote me too if you post testimonials.
  • Mark

    I’ve accepted a position with a privately held company as COO. The package and company is everything I wanted. Thanks for your help, I wish I had found you 15 months ago.